Florida Adoption

Caring for the child of a relative is more than providing basic necessities. When parents are not capable, children raised by a family member receive the love and care needed to ensure their emotional and physical well-being. There are circumstances where a child’s best interest is served with adoption by a relative caregiver.

For many families, stepparent adoption is the final step to legally solidify the bond between a stepparent and their spouse’s child.  Florida’s public policy provides that children should be raised within a family unit, preferably with two involved and loving parents. The stepparent will have permanently and legally secured parental rights to the child.

Chapter 39 is the primary Florida law for child protection services cases, and provides for voluntary or involuntary termination of parental rights and adoption when the actions or circumstances of a parent/parents are such that reunification is not required by law, and the best interest of the child demands termination of parental rights.