Florida Child Protection Services – Child Abuse, Abandonment & Child Neglect

If you are a parent accused of harming a child, you need legal representation by an attorney well experienced in dependency law.

Unknown to you, this afternoon a call is made to the Florida Abuse Hotline.  The caller reports information that, if true, describes what you have done to harm your child.  A Florida Department of Children & Families Child Protective Investigator is now assigned and required to investigate the allegations of child abuse, abandonment or neglect.

It is now late evening and there is a knock on your door.  The Child Protective Investigator, accompanied by a Sheriff’s Deputy, identifies herself and tells you that she needs to see your child.

The Child Protective Investigator will interview you. your child and everyone else in the home.  The Investigator will thoroughly inspect your home, look in cupboards and drawers, in your refrigerator, in closets, and under beds.   Some pictures are taken of your home, some pictures of marks on your child’s arm.  You are asked to take a drug test, to provide proof of prescribed medication.

You are asked if there are relatives willing to take the child. You are told that there will be a hearing before a Judge tomorrow.  The Judge will decide whether your child is returned to you or if your child will stay in a foster home for the time being.

In less than 24 hours, your Dependency Case has begun.

Putting your family back together is no easy matter, and not guaranteed.  This is serious business.

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